Update of Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Mining Activities in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2013-4 Mohammed Almadani, Abdulrahman Alhawi, Osama Alshaik, Mohammed Aldabbagh, and Rakan Abdulwahed
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The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) acts as the advisor to the government of Saudi Arabia on all geological matters in the kingdom. It has the authority to study the geological aspects of environmental issues and to determine the best way to protect and mitigate the harmful effects of mining activities. SGS published the first edition of “Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Mining Activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” However, the existing EIA guidelines include limited references to mining activities. Because wherever possible and in order to prevent or otherwise minimize, mitigate, and remediate the harmful effects of operations in mining on the environment, there is a need to update the guidelines. Updates in this edition include additional guidelines for water quality, hydrology, hydrogeology, geology and soils, and the biological environment, in addition to new information on mining activities in the Kingdom.

Almadani, M., Alhawi, A., Alshaikh, O., Aldabbagh M., and Abdulwahed, R.A.,  2014, Update of environmental impact assessment guidelines for mining activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2013-4, 36 p., 5 figs., 8 tables, 2 apps.