The Provenance of Proterozoic Sediments of the Midyan Terrane, Saudi Arabia from U-Pb Zircon SIMS Ages

SGS-OF-2013-2 Victoria Pease, Khalid Kadi, Martin Whitehouse, and Wieslaw Kozdroj
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Neoproterozoic sediments of the Thalbah Basin in the Midyan terrane, Saudi Arabia, were collected for age and provenance determination.  U-Pb zircon secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) analysis indicates that the samples are Ediacaran in age and therefore correlate with other late Neoproterozoic post-amalgamation basins of the Arabian-Nubian shield.  Their U-Pb zircon age provenance indicates two distinct sources, i) a restricted unimodal Cryogenian source, and ii) a more diverse, regional Neoproterozoic source, consistent with petrological differences.   These results indicate additional geologic complexity within the Thalbah basin; the presence of an unrecognized unconformity within the Thalbah group in Wadi Thalbah requires further investigation.  Combined sedimentological and U-Pb zircon provenance investigations should successfully identify the distinct depositional sequences and history of Thalbah group sediments in the Thalbah basin.

Pease, V., Kadi, K., Whitehouse, M., and Kozdroj, W., 2013, The provenance of proterozoic sediments of the Midyan terrane Saudi Arabia from U-Pb zircon SIMS ages: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2013-2, 21 p., 6 figs., 1 table.