Stratigraphic Column for the Phanerozoic Rocks of Saudi Arabia, a Compilation and Synthesis with Comments

SGS-TR-2001-3 Mohammed A. Halawani
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Phanerozoic rocks are exposed around the Precambrian basement, in northern, central -to- eastern, and southeastern Saudi Arabia.
Along the Red Sea coast, another, quite distinct, set of young Phanerozoic rocks occurs.
As a result of the systematic regional 1:250,000-scale geologic mapping carried out by DMMR and BRGM geologists in the Tabuk basin (northwest Saudi Arabia) and central Saudi Arabia, new stratigraphic data were obtained from Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Early Cenozoic sedimentary deposits.
Numerous changes have taken place since the first stratigraphic column was created in the 1950s, when oil-and-gas geologists first mapped the same areas at scale 1:500,000, leading to formal definitions of the stratigraphic column in the mid and late 1960s.For this reason, it was decided to formally present the new or up-dated stratigraphic names, including their definition, type locations, etc., resulting from the DMMR geologic mapping during the past decades.
Descriptions in the text are arranged according to stratigraphic age.
Old names still in use today, or new names related to outcrops studied during the recent mapping, are all described in the same standardized way, presenting up -to- date definitions of the stratigraphic names used for Phanerozoic rocks in the Kingdom.
This document is the result of a compilation of all accessible published and unpublished reports concerning the Phanerozoic deposits of the Cover Rocks of the Arabian platform.
The compilation highlights discrepancies in stratigraphic attributions, and suggests solutions, or further work to resolve such problems.

Halawani, M., 2001, Stratigraphic Column for the Phanerozoic Rocks of Saudi Arabia, a compilation and synthesis with comments: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS TR-2001-3.  (A reprint of BRGM-TR-2000-3).