Sirhan-Turayf Phosphate Project: Preliminary Phosphate Resource Assessment of the Widyan Ar Rushaydah and Sanam Prospects, Northern Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2001-4 Abdullah F. Al-Khattabi, and Saleh M. Dini
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This study provides an estimate of the phosphate resources of two prospects in the Sirhan-Turayf basin of northernmost Saudi Arabia: the Widyan ar Rushaydah prospect, in UmmWu’al formation rocks located in the Al Amud area, and the Sanam prospect and other localities in Jalamid formation rocks located in the Wadi al Fihah area.  The estimate is based on the results of an exploration program entailing 56 drill holes totaling 1,924.85 m, and analysis of 361 samples for the Widyan ar Rushaydah prospect, and 75 drill holes, totaling 1,815.3 m, and analyses of 1,268 samples for the Sanam prospect, as well as the results of earlier work.  The Arqah phosphorite member of the Umm Wu’al formation at the Widyan ar Rushaydah prospect has a demonstrated resource of 24 million tonnes (Mt) averaging 21.03 percent P2O5.  At the Sanam prospect the Thaniyat phosphorite member of the Jalamid formation has a demonstrated resource of 23 million tonnes (Mt) averaging 16.91 percent P2O5.  Cut-off criteria used in the calculation were: (1) ore defined as 15.0 percent P2O5 of thickness 1.0 m, (2) an overburden thickness 25.0 m, and (3) an overburden/ore ratio 5:1.



Al-Khattabi, A.F., and Dini, S.M. 2003, Sirhan-Turayf phosphate project: Preliminary phosphate resource assessment of the Widyan ar Rushaydah and Sanam prospects, northern Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2001-4, 36 p., 11 figs., 3 tables, 2 apps.