Selected Prospects in the Arabian Shield: Comments on Geology and Geochemistry, and Recommendations for Further Work

SGS-OF-2014-8 Ghazi A. Kattu, Zabin M. Al Harbi, Ahmed H. Sarhan, Tariq M. Foraty, Turki O. Bokhari, and Omar D. Al Amoudi
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In 2008, geologic exploration for rare metal deposits focused on selected prospects in the Arabian Shield namely, the tantalum- and REEs-bearing alkaline and peralkaline intrusions in the localities Umm Al Birak, Jabal Al Hamra, Jabal Abu Ad Dud, Jabal Umm Al Suqian, Jabal Yala, Jabal Libd, and Jabal As Suwayrah. New occurrence of gold mineralization is reported in Asham area and copper mineralization, characterized in the porphyritic granite as disseminated pyrite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite and malachite, is recognized in Jabal As Sakhin. Further work in the promising prospects at Umm Al Birak, Jabal Al Hamra, Jabal Abu Ad Dud, Jabal Umm Al Suqian, Asham, and Jabal As Sakhin is recommended based on results of geochemical analyses of rock samples.

Kattu, G.A., Al Harbi Z.M., Sarhan, A.H., Foraty, T.M., Bokhari, T.O., and Al Amoudi, O.D., 2015, Selected prospects in the Arabian Shield: comments on geology and geochemistry, and recommendations for further work: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-OF-2014-8, 24 p., 10 figs., 8 tables.