Selected Prospects in the Arabian Shield: Comments on Geology and Geochemistry, and Recommendations for Further Work

SGS-OF-2007-1 Mohammed A. Sahl and SGS Metallic Minerals Team
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This report documents results of a review and assessment of mineralization of gold, copper, lead-zinc-silver, iron, disseminated sulfides, nepheline, and marble. The assessment was carried out in 25 mineral localities during the 2004 to 2006 field seasons.  Gold mineralization in the Al Qubbah, Abraq al Maraween, Jabal al Khawar, Samrah, Jabal Abu Hasak, Wadi Thafan, Ar Rudyamat, Wadi Rabwa, Jabal Z’reibn, Wadi Merjan, Jabal adh Dhour, Jabal Mokhyat and Wadi Khiyam prospects occurs in quartz veins, whereas the gold mineralization in the Jabal al Harfah occurrence occurs in a breccia pipe.  Copper mineralization at Jabal Netaq and Jabal as Sakin occurs as disseminated sulfides of pyrite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite and malachite in stockworks of quartz veins or within porphyritic granite, granodiorite, diorite, and monzogranite.  The copper in Jabal Mokhyat North occurs as malachite in a shear zone within dacitic rock.  The lead-zinc-silver mineralization in the Hajlan prospect occurs within quartz veins hosted by rhyolite stocks intruded in the Abt formation. The iron oxide at Masliyah occurs as massive magnetite in the form of veins in gabbroic rock.  The sulfide mineralization in East Al Haqu occurs as disseminated pyrite in units of andesite rocks, and the mineralization at Mudha occurs as disseminated pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, pyrite and pentlandite in gabbroic rock intruded into volcanosedimentary rocks.  The chemical composition of nepheline-bearing syenite at Jibal adh Dhour may be similar to that of the Sawda complex in the Midyan region. The marble in Jabal al Badr extends discontinuously for several kilometers, and can be used for cement material or ornamental stone.  The more promising prospects and occurrences recommended for further exploration are Al Qubbah, Abraq al Maraween, Jabal al Khawar, Wadi Thafan, and Ar Rudyamat for gold mineralization; Jabal Netaq, Jabal Mokhyat North, and Jabal as Sakin for copper mineralization; Hajlan for lead-zinc-silver mineralization; Masliyah for iron; Jibal adh Dhour for nepheline, and marble at Jabal al Badr for cement material or for ornamental stone.


Sahl, M.S.A., and SGS Metallic Minerals Team, 2007, Selected prospects in the Arabian Shield: comments on geology and geochemistry, and recommendations for further work: Saudi  Geological Survey  Open-File Report SGS-OF-2007-1, 31 p., 8 figs., 19 tables.