Saudi Geological Survey Laboratory Safety Manual

SGS-DF-2001-3 J.P. Martin-Berne and Adel O. Hakim
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Safety is the concern of all who work in, or visit, the Laboratory.  Everyone has a part to play at all levels, and each person’s role is of equal importance.  One should aim for a zero-accident level. Safety measures consist of investment policies that allow for the avoidance of accidents, the recognition that individual and collective behavior are paramount in the prevention of accidents, and that accidents may occur as the result of a combination of events that separately might have been harmless.  Only the observance of safety rules, the use of appropriate safety equipment, and the responsible behavior of personnel, will reduce the number of potential accidents. The only way of achieving the highest safety level is to maintain permanent and total watchfulness. This Safety Manual is an evolutionary document. It is designed on a modular basis so that all personnel may find the safety rules appropriate to their work sector. It will be updated periodically to take into account changes in work-place legislation and improvements in safety procedures.  A Safety Manual exists to be read and must be available for immediate consultation.  It is not a document to be hidden away in laboratory drawers or in personal libraries.  The easier it is for individual laboratory staff to find useful instructions relevant to their work, the better will be the safety of the Laboratory.  Therefore, instructions are given in a concise and clear way, using words that will be understood by all concerned. Employees who are not fluent in English will be informed in Arabic of the safety rules by their Head of Section, and can learn from the Safety Instruction Panels that are located at strategic points around the Laboratory.   Many of the instructions are repeated throughout the Manual.  This method has been adopted as it relieves the reader from having to search through several chapters to find all the safety rules that concern the work he is doing.

To summarize, this Manual provides the safety rules that govern the work in the Laboratory’s main fields of operation, as follows:
- mechanical preparations
- digestions
- chemical analyses and physical tests
- handling of chemicals and gases
- handling of cyanides
- laboratory maintenance.

In addition, an appendix is provided that gives details of First Aid to be administered to victims before they are transported to a hospital or clinic, in the event of a serious work-related accident.


Martin-Berne, J.P., and Hakim, A.O., 2001, Saudi Geological Survey laboratory safety manual: Saudi Geological Survey Data-File Report SGS-DF-2001-3, 41 p., 3 apps.