Report on the Exploration to Tabuk Area and Al-Ula Province, as Part of the Training Program for the Geologic Features Section

SGS-OF-2014-5 Husam Turki, Mohammed Al-Zahrani, Rami Al-Ghamdi, Ala'a Zain, Ibrahim Al-Hashmi, Abdulaziz Ba-Dahan, and Mohammed Adel Hakeem
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Turki, H. Al Zahrani, M., Al-Ghamdi, R., Zain, A., Al-Hashmi, I., Ba-Dahan, Hakim, M.A., 2014, Report on the exploration to Tabuk area and Al-Ula Province, as part of the training program for the Geologic Features Section: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2014-5, 14 p. (Arabic Report)