Radon Potential of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Preliminary Geological Radon Potential Map for the Cover Rocks and Unconsolidated Deposits, Scale 1:4,000,000

SGS-OF-2006-1 Hisham I. Hashem, Ehab A. Al-Ashy, and Ibrahim S. Al-Zahrani
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The relationship between geology and radon has been documented since the late 1970s; among the first to document a correlation between regional geology and indoor radon were Sachs and others (1982). Geology controls the chemical composition of the rocks and soils from which radon is derived. It also controls the distribution of surficial deposits such as glacial till and wadi alluvium and gravel.  A preliminary version of the geologic radon potential map at 1:4 million scale of the central, northern and eastern parts of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is presented in this study. This map illustrates the radon potential of these parts of the country by the major geologic rock units, radioactivity, and soil permeability relevant to radon problems


Hashem, H.I., Al-Ashy, E.A., and Al-Zahrani, I.S., 2006, Radon potential of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Preliminary geological radon potential map for the cover rocks and unconsolidated deposits, scale 1:4,000,000: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2006-1