Producing High-purity Quartz from Saudi Arabian Quartz Resources

SGS-OF-2013-5 Mesfer A. Al Malki, Abdulaziz H. Az Zahrani, and Yasir A. Assaidi
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The main objective of this research was to upgrade high-quality Saudi quartz and bring it close to IOTA quartz, the international standard produced by UNIMIN (USA). IOTA quartz has less than 20 ppm impurities and silica content of greater than 99.998 percent. A number of quartz resources were visited in 2010 and 2011 throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Attempts were made to classify these resources and to get representative samples for chemical and mineralogical studies. By using existing equipment and facilities, quartz samples were processed and then analyzed for chemical composition in the SGS chemical laboratory, and reasonably upgraded although not up to the required purity. During this investigation, the researchers realized that quartz not upgraded to the required purity levels can still be possibly used for a large number of high-tech industrial applications.The preliminary investigation led the SGS team to procure some specialized equipment and facilities for the required intensive processing. Taking the initial findings as a guideline, the Research and Study Department started establishing a world-class Mineral Research and Beneficiation Center (MRBC), which is equipped with modern facilities for processing.

Al Malki, M.A, Az Zahrani, A.H., and Assaidi, Y.A., 2015, Producing high-purity quartz from Saudi Arabian quartz resources: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2013-5, 17 p., 10 figs., 5 tables.