Preliminary Report on a Sinkhole South of Umm Lujj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-DF-2002-3 Mohammed I. Al-Zahrani, and Amin A. Turkistani
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Sinkholes are reported in geohazards and engineering studies in central Saudi Arabia, particularly in Ar Riyadh, As Sulayyil, and Al Aflaj, but are less commonly found in the literature of the Red Sea coastal plain.  Consequently the Geohazards Department of the Saudi Geological Survey was interested in reporting on the site following a chance observation made by department staff during a field visit to the Umm Lujj area. Additional observations of the sinkhole were made to document this data-file report. The sinkhole is neither fenced nor marked on the ground as being a hazardous locality. However the SGS team believes it poses a threat to local inhabitants and travelers. The closest inhabitants are the residents of Al Hassi village, which is about one kilometer distant.



Al-Zahrani, M.I., and Turkistani, A.A., 2002, Preliminary report on a sinkhole south of Umm Lujj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Data File Report SGS-DF-2002-3, 6 p., 9 figs.