Potential Flood Hazards in Wadi al Lith Southwest Saudi Arabia

SGS-TR-2006-3 Mohammed I. Al-Zahrani, Saad G. Al Harthi, Hussam A. Khiyami, Hashim M. Al Hawsawy, Faisal A. Al-Ammawi, Waheed M. Baamer, Mohammed S. Theban, and Zekai Șen
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The arid and semi-arid regions are most susceptible for potential flash flood occurrences, such as in the southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it is not possible to control the potential flood hazards by using technological methods that forewarn its occurrence. In this report flood-risk maps have been developed for the Wadi al Lith area for use in planning urban development and for the construction of infrastructure such as dams, tunnels, highways, and bridges. Particular emphasis in the preparation of these maps is given to defining a synthetic unit hydrograph, with profiles and cross-section calculations. The aim of the report is to show the inundation boundaries of each wadi catchment on a digital elevation map (DEM), however, it is not at present available for the region, topographic map contours around some representative cross-sections are instead presented as inundation boundaries.



Al-Zahrani, M.I., Al Harthi, S.G., Khiyami, H.A., Al Hawsawy, H.M., Al-Ammawi, F.A., Baamer, W.M., Theban, M.S., and Sen, Z., 2008,  Potential flood hazards in Wadi Al Lith southwest Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2006-3, 26 p., 26 fig., 9 tables, 7 apps.