Marble Location Map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Scale 1:4,000,000

SGS-MM-4 Ghazi J. Abdulhay, Rushdi R. Al Dawawsi, and Abdulaziz H. Al Zahrani with the collaboration of Abdullah S. Onaizan, Mohammed A. Al Shihri, and Abdullah A. Al Zahrani
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Saudi Arabian marble deposits occur in a variety of lithostratigraphic Units of the Arabian Shie ld. The marble occurs in hills or mountains.  Saudi Arabian marble shows very diverse colors (white to whitish, all shades of gray, black, purple, beige, rose, orange, green, yellow, and brown). Several colors commonly occur in the same deposit either separately, or banded parallel to the bedding, or mixed giving a mottled appearance. Most of the marble is fine-grained (below 0.5 mm). Medium grained marble (0.5-2mm), coarse-grained is rare, being represented to a limited extent, with a grain size of  2 mm, and with a grain size of 3-4 mm at Wadi Minsah.  More than 120 occurrences of marble were recorded in Saudi Arabia to date, and these are distributed through the following areas: Makkah, Asir, Ar Riyadh, Madinah, Hail, Tabuk, and Qassim. Resources range from several million cubic meters to less than 20,000 m3 .