Lithostratigraphic Correlation of Phanerozoic Rocks in Southern Jordan and Northwest Saudi Arabia

SGS-SP-2014-1 Abdullah M. Memesh, Saleh M. Dini, Ahmad I. Masri, , and Khaled A. Moumami
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Correlation is an important geological technique because it provides information on changes that have taken place at various times in Earth history. It also provides clues as to the times at which such changes occurred. One result of correlational studies has been the development of a geologic time scale that subdivides Earth history into a number of discrete time blocks such as eras, periods, and epochs.  The border area between Jordan and Saudi Arabia is of great interest for geologists from both sides as it demonstrates clearly the continuity of rock units across national borders. Field investigations indicate that some geological units have a local distribution in the Jordanian side but broad distribution on the other. But the political border zone is an obstacle in tracking the distribution of these geological units that may include the key solution for a better understanding of the stratigraphy and lateral facies changes in both countries. For this reason, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) of Jordan carried out constructive cooperation and fruitful discussions with the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) to correlate the Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks (Cambrian-Eocene) in south Jordan and northwest Saudi Arabia. This project was designed with this goal in mind.  Geologists from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (formerly Natural Resources Authority) and Saudi Geological Survey participated in this study to compare the Phanerozoic rock units and make the required interpretations in order to achieve the project objectives. A better understanding of stratigraphy, lateral facies changes, and depositional environment was established through regular field trips in 2009-2011 on both countries. The results, which are of great importance to Jordan and Saudi Arabia, are discussed in this report.
Memesh, A.M., Dini, S.M., Masri, A.I., Moumami, K.A., and 2014, Lithostratigraphic Correlation of Phanerozoic Rocks in Southern Jordan and Northwest Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Special Publication SGS-SP-2014-1, 65 p., 12 figs., 7 tables, 20 pls., 1 chart.