JEBEL Project October 2009 Field Excursion to the Midyan Terrane, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia With Reports on Research by Participants in the JEBEL Project

SGS-TR-2010-2 Victoria Pease, Khalid Kadi, and Wieslaw Kozdroj
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The Saudi Geological Survey was pleased to be able to host the JEBEL participants during their October 2009 geologic field excursion and workshops based out of Al Wajh, in northwestern Saudi Arabia.  The JEBEL project presented an opportunity for SGS staff in the Geologic Survey program to meet with and to exchange ideas with the international visitors of the JEBEL project, to show the group the rock units of the Midyan terrane, and to familiarize them with the work of SGS geologists, so that the geology of this important part of the Kingdom is better known regionally and internationally.  This volume is divided into three primary sections.  Part 1 presents a brief outline of the geologic setting of the Midyan terrane.  Part 2 is a complete description of the field excursion organized by Khalid Kadi and Wieslaw Kozdroj of the SGS, of the many localities visited by the JEBEL group during their stay in the Kingdom.  Part 3 is a compendium of extended abstracts explaining the objectives of JEBEL, and the results of work conducted by JEBEL participants in Saudi Arabia, and as a result of the two prior JEBEL workshops and field trips in Sinai and the Central Eastern Desert of Egypt.



Pease, V., Kadi, K.A. and Kozdroj, W., 2010, JEBEL Project October 2009 field excursion to the Midyan terrane, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with reports on research by participants in the JEBEL Project: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2010-2, 95 p.