Investigate Study to Evaluate the Health Condition of the Coral Reefs in Jeddah Coast, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2011-7 Najeeb Rasul and Abdulnasser S. Qutub
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The Red Sea has one of the most diverse coral reef populations, especially the reef-building corals that flourish above 50 m depth. The natural depository in the Red Sea supports an extraordinary biodiversity, and plays a vital role from supporting the marine community to protecting beaches and promoting tourism. Natural causes like global warming, and human activities such as poorly managed land development and sewage pollution, can threaten the survival of coral reefs. In general, the fringing reefs in Saudi Arabia are much healthier, but they are still vulnerable to human interference, and at places signs of damage have been noticed, especially along the shores of major cities and industrial facilities. The coral reefs along the shores of Jeddah have been affected by the sewage from the local plants, and human activity along its shores.  The enormous stress on the coral reef and its environment must be checked and proper measures undertaken to avoid the destruction of the beautiful treasure we are blessed with.


Rasul, N. and Qutub, A., 2012. Investigate study to evaluate the health condition of the coral reefs in Jeddah coast, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2011-7, 75 p.