Industrial Minerals Map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Scale 1:4,000,000

SGS-MM-1 Ghazi J. Abdulhay, Abdullah M. Al Zahrani, Mohammad Al Shihri with the collaboration of Mohammad Omar W. Al Mourabet, Mohammad A. Al Rashed, and Abdullah S. Al Onaizan
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One of the primary missions of the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) is to collect information about the mineral resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The map shows the distribution of the most significant of the over 3, 500 metallic mineral occurrences discovered over the past 4 decades.  The occurrences shown include prospects, undeveloped deposits, and operating mines. The vast majority of the metallic mineral resources of the Kingdom occur within the Neoproterozoic  rocks of the Arabian Shield.  Some  occurrences, however, are known in the Phanerozoic rocks of eastern, northern and southern Arabian peninsula, the Tertiary sedimentary rocks of the Red Sea Coast and in the Red Sea rift. Information about the occurrences, prospects and deposits is contained in SGS and DMMR reports and is summarized in the Mineral Occurrence Documentation System (MODS) database.