Identification of Potential Uses of Ornamental Stone Quarry Waste in the Ar Riyad Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2005-13 Nader S. Eskander, with the collaboration of Khalid H. Alfi, A.M. Bayashoot, Ali M. Al-Fear, and M.A. Al-Madani, M.A.
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In 2004, a study was carried out on the ornamental stone quarries located at lat 23°30'00"N. and long 48°45'00"E. in the Ar Riyad region. The study focused on wastes generated from the granite and limestone ornamental stone quarries.  Granite was surveyed and the specifications from two known locations in the Ar Riyad region were compiled; 40 quarries and crushers were visited in these areas.  The production of granite as a dimension stone was estimated at 122,640 tonnes, and 95,124 tonnes of mining wastes were generated.  Limestone is quarried in three districts, namely: Hufairat Nisah, Al-Barrah, and North of Humaila.  Approximately 60 quarries and crushers were visited in these areas and samples were collected for chemical analyses.  The total production of limestone as a dimension stone in these areas is estimated at 637,100 tonnes, and 1,307,000 tonnes of mining wastes were generated.  A total of 26 samples were prepared for chemical analyses performed at the SGS laboratory in Jeddah.  The samples of limestone from three areas were taken from the districts within the Ar Riyad region because they contain most of the quarries and crushers.  Chemical-analytical results of limestone samples from Hufairat Nisah expressed in mean values range between 93.50 percent and 98.50 percent CaCO3, with average values of 96.10 percent CaCO3, 0.42 percent MgO, 1.05 percent SiO2 <0.05 percent Al2O3 and Fe2O3 0.15 percent.  A total of six rock samples were collected for microscope analyses (3 granite rock samples and 3 limestone rock samples).  Three investment opportunities, one for granite southwest of Riyad, and two for limestone at Hufairat Nisah were studied.  A map at 1:7,000,000-scale was prepared, and the annual production and mining waste of each ore was estimated.



Eskander, N.S., with the collaboration of Alfi, K.H., Bayashoot, A.M., Al-Fear, A.M., and Al-Madani, M.A., 2006, Identification of potential uses of ornamental stone quarry waste in the Ar Riyad region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2005-13, 29 p., 13 figs., 11 tables, 1 app.