General Exploration for Industrial Minerals Along the Red Sea Coast of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2008-4 Ali M. Babhair, Abdullah I. Nabhan, Raafat A. Gandoura, Saeed A. Al Ghamdi, and Hani H. Kurdi
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Industrial mineral deposits are widespread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and large amounts of these deposits were utilized directly or indirectly in several industries. The exploration for new deposits with satisfactory industrial specifications is of prime importance to meet the material requirements of the local market, and this was carried out in localities close to urban and industrial centers.  The demand for building materials in the construction industries in Saudi Arabia particularly for limestone, gypsum, sand and other materials has increased. In the framework of the 2006 Industrial Minerals Regional Exploration Program, new occurrences of carbonate rocks, talc, gypsum and black sand were discovered along the coastal plains of the Red Sea, from south of Al Lith to Baysh area, and from north of Yanbu al Bahr to Haqil. Preliminary fieldwork (surface sampling) and laboratory tests revealed that these occurrences are promising targets that can provide new resources for the Saudi market.  The objective of the present work is to carry out a preliminary reconnaissance study of the new economic resources. The methodology includes topographic surveying, sampling, and laboratory test work.


Babhair, A.M., Nabhan, A.I., Gandoura, R.A., Al Ghamdi, S.A., and Kurdi, H.H., 2010, General exploration for industrial minerals along the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2008-4, 35 p, 19 figs., 55 tables.