Fortran Programs for Computation of Drawdown and Type Curves, and Automated Pumping Test Analysis

SGS-OF-2002-7 Shabbir A. Sayed
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Equations of flow to wells are often quite complex. Use of these equations for computation of drawdown and type curves for pumping test analyses can only be done by computers. Appropriate software is required for computer use. The FORTRAN programs contained in this report serve this purpose. The programs calculate drawdown at different times and distances, and type curves, and do automated estimation of aquifer characteristics.  The programs cover confined nonleaky and leaky aquifers, mutually leaky aquifers, and unconfined aquifers. The wells in these aquifers may be fully or partially penetrating. The unconfined aquifers may be of finite thickness or semi-infinite thickness.  Each section in the report describes relevant flow equations and applicable boundary conditions, algorithms of computation, salient features of each program, and steps involved in program execution. For easy recognition, programs names start with prefixes DR, F, TYP or AUT indicating that the program computes drawdown, partial penetration factor, type curves or does automated pumping test analysis, respectively.  The programs are user friendly, and knowledge of FORTRAN language is not necessary for their execution. They are already compiled and ready for execution. The compiled version of all the programs identified with the extensions .EXE have been provided on an enclosed disk. On execution, the required data are entered through the keyboard as prompted by the program on the monitor screen. The output file identified with the extensions .OUT is saved on the same disk.



Sayed, S.A.S., 2002, Fortran programs for computation of drawdown and type curves, and automated pumping test analysis, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2002-7, 186 p., 9 figs., 21 tables, 4 apps., 1 CD in jacket.