Field Trip Reports of the Saudi Geological Survey Cave Unit, 2000-2004, Arranged by Regions

SGS-OF-2007-4 SGS Caving Project Team
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This report contains summaries of the cave-related field trips conducted by the Saudi Geological Survey Cave Unit between November, 2000 and October, 2004. During this period, previously known limestone caves on the Summan Plateau were mapped and new limestone caves were located and surveyed in northern Saudi Arabia.  The first studies and cave maps of lava tubes in this country were carried out, beginning with lava caves discovered in Harrat Kishb in November of 2001. Subsequently, more lava caves were studied and mapped in Harrats Buqum, Khaybar and Ithnayn. During this period, artifacts, skulls and desiccated animals were found in caves and studied; rare cave minerals were discovered and analyzed.  Loess in caves was studied, radon readings were taken and support was given to the Bern University study of past climates on the Arabian Peninsula. Training projects and reconnaissance expeditions are also included in the report.


SGS Caving Project Team, 2007, Field trip reports of the Saudi Geological Survey Cave Unit, 2000-2004, arranged by regions: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2007-4, 66 p.