Field Guide to Representative Geologic Units and Structures in the Al Wajh-Duba Region, Midyan Terrane, Arabian Shield; in Support of the SGS-EMRA Red Sea Correlation Project

SGS-DF-2007-4 Peter R. Johnson and Fayek H. Kattan
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This guidebook has been prepared for a joint visit by geologists from the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) and the Egyptian Geological Survey (EMRA) to the northwestern part of the Arabian shield as part of the Trans-Red Sea correlation project undertaken by SGS and EMRA (SGS Work Plan Subproject: Correlation of the Arabian and Nubian shields). The purpose of the visit is to (1) examine representative lithostratigraphic units and structures in the Midyan terrane, (2) make comparisons with similar rocks and structures in the Eastern Desert, Egypt, and (3) determine the types of detail geologic investigations necessary to establish the correlations with precision and assign responsibilities and logistics for doing the work.  The field visits are to specific localities representative of the Precambrian geology of the region. The guidebook has brief descriptions of and comments on the geologic significances of each locality, and discusses issues that need to be addressed in order to maximize the specificity and reliability of the eventual correlation. The guidebook should be read in conjunction with notes on “Potential Neoproterozoic correlations between Al Wajh (Saudi Arabia) and Marsa El-‘Alam (Egypt) and recommendations for further work” prepared by Johnson and Kattan (SGS) in April 2006.



Johnson, P.R., and Kattan, F.H., 2007, Field guide to representative geologic units and structures in the Al Wajh-Duba region, Midyan terrane, Arabian shield; In support of the SGS-EMRA Red Sea Correlation Project: Saudi Geological Survey Data-File Report SGS-DF-2007-4, 27 p., 1 table, 18 figs.