Engineering Geological Map of Yanbu City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2005-18 Hassan M. Al-Harbi, Yasser A. Zabrmawi, Abdulkaliq S. Doban, Turki E. Sehli, Bandar A. Al-Tunsi, Ali B. Al-Bulkhi, Mohammed A. Al-Hussain, Khaled Z. Al-Ahmadi ,Marwan M. Al-Sikan, and Ibrahim M. Al-Harthi
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Yanbu and its twin city Jubail are the two main industrial cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Yanbu is located on the Red Sea coast and is considered to be the third largest seaport in the country.  The industrial city was built just south of the old city of Yanbu having a population of 190,000 according to 2004 census.  Sabkha soils do prevail in many parts in the two Yanbu cities and municipality officials identified several geotechnical problems related to the sabkha occurrences.  Because of these problems and the strategic importance of the industrial city, Yanbu was selected for the Saudi Geological Survey engineering geological mapping of the major cities program.  The mapping of the engineering geology of Yanbu followed the program suggested by the Association of Engineering Geology to map the geology of the major cities of the world.  The outcome of this research may serve as guidelines for establishing the building codes in the Kingdom.  Geologically, Yanbu consists of Recent reefal or Subreefal limestone, degraded terrace deposits (gravel, sand and clay), Recent wadi deposits (sand and gravel), gravel spreads mixed with alluvium, local gravel spreads, and sandy cover of the coastal plain in addition to the sabkha deposits. A geological map at a scale of 1:100,000 was prepared as a base map for the engineering geological map.  The geotechnical properties of the different geological units were tested, a database was prepared, the sources for water and construction materials around the city were examined and evaluated, and the constrains that affect the city were also considered and evaluated.  A surface comprehensive engineering geological map was accordingly prepared.  The map shows nine engineering geological rock and soil units having different geotechnical properties. Site investigation reports were also collected from the different contracting companies.  The data was entered into the database and different subsurface analytical engineering geological maps were also prepared.  More analytical maps can   be prepared upon the request of the investigating engineer or planner using the information given in the database.



Al-Harbi, H.M., Zabrmawi, Y.A., Doban, A.S., Sehli, T.E., Al-Tunsi, B.A., Al-Bulkhi, A.B., Al-Hussain, M.A., Al-Ahmadi, K.Z., Al-Sikan, M.M., Ibrahim M. Al-Harthi, I.M., 2006, Engineering geological map of Yanbu City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi  Geological Survey  Open-File Report SGS-OF-2005-18, 46 p., 27 figs., 19 tables, 2 apps., 2 plates.