Empty Quarter (Ar Rub’ Al Khali): The Second Scientific Expedition to the Southwestern Ar Rub’ Al Khali (Great Sand Sea) Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, with Reports on Research by Participants in the Expedition (3-7 / 4 / 1434 H (9-17/2/2013 G)

SGS-SP-2014-2 Saudi Geological Survey
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The Saudi Geological Survey was pleased to be able to host the second scientific expedition participants during their February 2013 expedition. For studies on morphology and origin of sand dunes, lake deposits, groundwater, meteorites, and plants and wildlife in SW Ar Rub al Khali. The scientific expedition presented an opportunity for SGS staff to meet with and to exchange ideas with national and international visitors to study the SW part of Ar Rub’ Al-Khali in Saudi Arabia.
The English part of this volume deals with a compendium of the results of work carried out by the participants and is divided into seven sections. Part 1 presents an introduction and historical overview; Part 2 is concerned with sand dunes formation, dynamics, and origin. Part- 3 presents description of lake deposits in SW Ar Rub al Khali. Part 4 is concerned with mineralogy and geochemistry of sediments in SW Ar Rub al Khali. Part 5 displays abstract for groundwater in SW Ar Rub al Khali; while most of details on groundwater results are cited in Arabic part of this book. Part 6 is concerned with meteorites in the Empty Quarter. Part 7 deals with the importance of Empty Quarter including the economic significance of Ar Rub al Khali.
Throughout the period of preparation of this special publication, the SGS has taken the advice of the members of the second expedition. Support from, reviews, and comments by Dr. Zohair A. Nawab, Prof. Mohammad H. Basyoni, Prof. Nasser L. El Agami, and Dr. Eddie Listanco are acknowledged. SGS staff members especially Dr. Abdullah M. Al Attas, Mr. Saleh Al Ghamdi, and Mr. Khaled Al Wagdani managed the expedition.
Saudi Geological Survey, 2017, Empty Quarter (Ar Rub’ Al Khali): The second scientific expedition to the southwestern Ar Rub’ Al Khali (Great Sand Sea)  Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, with reports on research by participants in the expedition (3-7 / 4 / 1434 H (9-17/2/2013 G)): Saudi Geological Survey Special Publication SGS-SP-2014-2.