Directory of Mining Cost and Services in Saudi Arabia for 2013

SGS-OF-2014-3 Omar M. Al-Baik, Abdullah M. Al-Qahtani, Khalid K. Al-Kattan, Osama Al-Shaikh, Ali M. Alfear, Mohammed M. Al-Dabbagh, Khalid O. Al-Gaidy, Khalid L. Tabbah, Ahmad A. Al-Harbi, and Rakan A. Abdulwahed
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This Directory is a compendium of basic information on infrastructure and engineering related to mining industrial development in the Kingdom. It also contains many of the economic data and the tasks required in the preparation of feasibility, preliminary, and detailed studies for mining projects .It is an update of the Directory of Mining Cost Services report (SGS-OF-2009-18) published in 2010.

This updated database covers the following subjects:
I - Evaluation of the present situation, which evaluates the current position, the achievements of the last Five-Year Development Plan 2010-2014, including the development of infrastructure in the Kingdom;
II - Capital costs, which provides information about the types and prices of mining equipment and instruments, contracts, and technical studies;
III - Operating costs, which provides information about the cost of manpower incentives, transportation and telecommunication, tariffs for electricity and water, blasting and mining facilities;
IV - Laws relating to mining investment, which discusses the Mining Code, taxation, the General Investment Code, and the General Law on the Environment.

Al-Baik, O.M., Alqahtani, A.M., Al-Kattan K.O., Al-Shaikh, O.A., Al-Fe’ar, A.M., Al-Dabbagh, M.M., Al-Gaidy, K.O., Tabbah, K.L., Al-Harbi, A.A., and Abdulwahed, R.A., (compilers), 2015, Directory of Mining Cost and Services in Saudi Arabia for 2013:  Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2014-3, 109 p., 7 figs., 113 table, 1 app.