Bathymetric Survey in Sharm Obhur, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-TR-2008-11 Najeeb M.A. Rasul, Salem Al-Nomani, Omar Al-Hazmi, Nawaf A. Widinly, Abdulnasser S. Qutub, and Rashad Bantan
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The bathymetric survey shows a gradual increase in the depth to about 25 m downstream with an abrupt fall to over 50 m at the mouth. However, the axis is relatively deeper. The flanks show variation in the slope, and are covered with fine sediments mostly of biogenic origin or coral heads with little or no sediment cover.  During the last 20 years, human interference with the environment has changed the geometry of Sharm Obhur. Satellite images show progressive urbanization of the area. Reclamation of land has affected the morphology, and the texture of the bottom sediments significantly changes from muddy sand to sandy mud.  Moreover, recreational activities and domestic pollution are increasingly contributing to the environmental stress that could be a cause of concern to the marine environmentalists. Wadi al-Kura, the feeder stream of the sharm has been cut off by a road, thereby stopping the terrigenous input to the sharm.



Rasul, N.M.A., Al-Nomani, S., Al-Hazmi, O., Widinly, N.A., Qutub, A.S., and Bantan R., 2009,  Bathymetric Survey in Sharm Obhur, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2008-11, 24 p., 27 figs.