Assessment and Regional Exploration of the Musayna’ah District

SGS-OF-2005-9 Eyad H. Jannadi, Ibrahim Khalil, Zaben M. Al Harbi, and Alim A. Siddiqui
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The Musayna’ah district is defined by numerous base- and precious-metal, and radioactive/REE occurrences.
The aim of this project is to discover one or several deposits in the form of (1) already known or newly discovered occurrences that by their deposit-model, their grade and possible size, suggest the potential of an economic deposit, and/or (2) geochemical anomalies with or without associated mineral occurrences that suggest the presence of a deposit of interest, partially or totally concealed.
A total of 41 occurrences were visited and investigated out of which three are recommended for further work, namely:
- Musayna’ah prospect (north and south) (Fe-Cu).
- Jabal al Hamra prospect (north and south) (Cu).
- Jabal at Tuwalah prospect (Ree and radioactive minerals).
If one takes into account the porphyry/epithermal model considered for the Musayna’ah prospect, together with suggested skarn model for various Fe-Cu occurrences in Jabal al Hamra prospect, there is a strong possibility for the Musayna’ah mineral district to be similar to the porphyry-epithermal districts typically recorded in the western Pacific or Andean, or western USA provinces, where porphyry deposits are surrounded by epithermal, skarn, manto, and replacement-type deposits, all models being highly favorable host of economic deposits.



Jannadi E.H., Khalil, I., Al Harbi, Z.M., and Siddiqui, A.A., 2006, Assessment and regional exploration of the Musayna’ah district: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2005-9, 45 p., 18 figs, 43 tables, 1 plate.