Analysis and Assessment of the Metallic-Mineral Potential of Selected Regions of the Arabian Shield

SGS-OF-2012-2 Zaben Al Ghaidani, Ahmed H. Sarhan, Tariq M. Foraty, Ghazi A. Kattu, and Alim Siddiqui
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This project carried out regional exploration in different areas of the Arabian Shield and Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks, and identified and assessed the potential of prospects and occurrences that warrant further study. It covered the gold-bearing quartz-vein type at the southeastern part of the Afif and Asir terranes of the Arabian Shield and focused on some localities previously known to have occurrences of tantalum and heavy minerals. This report documents the results of the review and assessment of mineralization of gold, copper, lead, zinc, silver and heavy minerals.  The mineral occurrences are grouped into three categories: gold, base metals, and rare earth elements (REE). Occurences of gold mineralization are in Abu Nithiara, Al Khaymah, An Nahdein,   Al Liaah West, Jabal Ash Shahban, Jabal Hillit, Jabal Mikhyat, Umm Qusur, Wadi Hujail and Wadi Qaraqir. Base-metal mineralization (copper, lead, zinc, and silver) occurs in Al Artawi, Al Liaah South East, Bir Assindiwi, Hagha Al Aala, Herat Rabigh, Jabal Al Haly, Jabal Al Urm, Al Khidar, Umm Esh Shash, Umm Mrouh, Shaib Abu Kharit, and Umm Ghaza. REE-mineralization occurrences are in As Slmyah, Dulay Al Mulaysa, Jabal Awja, Jabal Hentag, and Jabal Ratama.  Some localities (such as Al Khaymah, Jabal Ash Shahban, Jabal Mikhyat, Umm Qusur and Wadi Hujail) gave encouraging results for gold, copper, lead, zinc, and silver mineralization and have potential for which further exploration programs are recommended.

Al Ghaidani, Z.M., Sarhan, A.H., Foraty, T.M., Kattu, G.A., and Siddiqui, A.A., 2012, Analysis and assessment of the metallic-mineral potential of selected regions of the Arabian Shield: Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2012-2, 44 p., 24 figs., 30 tables.