A Contribution to the Geochemical Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Geochemical Survey of the Wadi al ‘Ays Quadrangle, 25C

SGS-TR-2014-8 Ibrahim O. Abdalla, Yasser S., Al-Ghanmi, Mohammed O. Al-Nashri, Abdullah .A. Sabbahi, Abdullah M. Al-Eisa, and Mazen B. Balkheyour
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The reconnaissance geochemical survey of the Wadi al ‘Ays quadrangle is a further step toward the completion of the Geochemical Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It involved collection of the -2 mm fraction of stream-sediment samples from 637 sites at a density of one sample per 25 km2 over Late Proterozoic granite/supracrustal basement terrain, and Tertiary basaltic lava. ICP-OES and AAS analyses of the samples have led to the identification of 21 multi-element targets that are potentially favorable for base-metal, precious-metal, and rare-element mineralization, based on the consistency of their elemental associations and their similarities to the signatures of known ore-deposit types.
Although the ultimate purpose of the program is for mineral exploration, its dataset can equally be used for an overview of environmental problems, for geological mapping, and for land-use decision making.



Abdalla, I.O, Al-Ghanmi, Y.S., Al-Nashri, M.O., Sabbahi, A.A., Al-Eisa, A.M.I, and Balkheyour, M.B., 2015, A contribution to the Geochemical Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Geochemical survey of the Wadi al ‘Ays quadrangle, 25C: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2014-8, 125 p., 109 figs. 3 tables, 3 apps.