A Contribution to the Gechemical Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Geochemical Survey of the Al Madinah Quadrangle, 24 D

SGS-TR-2012-1 Ibrahim Abdalla, Yaser Al-Ghanmi, Mohammed Al-Nashri, Abdullah Al-Eisa, Abdulrahman A. Sabbahi, and Mazen Balkheyour
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ICP and AAS analyses of the -2 mm / +0.177 mm fraction of 650 stream-sediment samples (including 4% site duplicates), collected in Al Madinah Quadrangle mainly over Proterozoic supracrustal/granitic terrain, Paleozoic rocks, and Tertiary lava flows, have led to the identification of 26 anomalous multi-element targets potentially favorable for economic mineralization. These consist of seven Priority 1 anomalies, eight Priority 2 anomalies, and eleven Priority 3 anomalies that are suggestive of sulfide, gold, REE, and Fe-Ti mineralization. The anomalies were identified after extensive examination of individual element distributions and associations.  The Priority 1 targets, all associated with Proterozoic supracrustal / plutonic terrain, comprise one anomaly suggestive of REE mineralization associated with the Jabal al Bayda peralkalic granite; five anomalies suggestive of gold / sulfide mineralization; and one anomaly suggestive of Fe-Ti mineralization. The Priority 2 and 3 anomalies comprise a variety of element associations including those suggestive of gold, sulfide, REE, and Fe-Ti mineralization.  The survey has also made a significant contribution to a comprehensive geochemical database suitable for environmental monitoring, geological mapping, and land-use evaluation.



Abdalla, I.O., Al-Ghanmi, Y.S., Al-Nashri, M.O., Sabbahi, A.A., Al-Eisa, A.M.I., and Balkheyour, M.B. 2012, A contribution to the Gechemical Atlas of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Geochemical survey of the Al Madinah quadrangle, 24D: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2012-1, 113 p., 94 figs., 3 tables, 4 apps.