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Complaint of Al-Jafr Al-Gharbi District Residence on the Imminent Rockfall in their Neighboring Mountain, Madinah Al Munawarrah

SGS-DF-2014-5 Mohammad M. Al-Khateeri, Mazen M. Abuabdullah, and Ahmed A. Yousif
250.00 ريال

Hydrological Study on Shelter Sites in Al Madinah Al Munawwarah

SGS-DF-2014-4 Mohammad M. Al'amri and Saleh F. Al Nahdi
250.00 ريال

Preliminary Report on the Stability of Jabal Al-Noor Rocks in the Holy City of Makkah

SGS-DF-2014-2 Ahmed M. Yousef and Mohammed Al-Katheri
250.00 ريال

Rockfall in the Heritage Village in Al-Deerah District, Al Ula Province

SGS-DF-2014-3 Mohammed M. Al-Khateeri and Faisal A. Ammawi
250.00 ريال

Saudi Geological Survey Statistical Report for 2013

SGS-DF-2014-6 Ali Al Ghamdi, Khalid O. Al-Gaidi, Ahmed A. Al-Harbi, Mohammed M. Elyani and Ali M. Alfear
250.00 ريال

The Mineral Statistics Yearbook 2012: Statistical Data for 2012

SGS-DF-2014-1 Khaled O. Al Gadi, Ahmad A. Alharbi, Ali M. Alghamdi, Abdullah M. Qahtani, and Ali M. Alfear
250.00 ريال