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Detailed Exploration and Assessment of the Jabal al-Khawar East Gold Prospect

SGS-OF-2013-1 Eyad Jennadi, Zaben Al Harbi, and Islam Dourgham, with the collaboration of Alim A. Siddiqui
250.00 ريال

Producing High-purity Quartz from Saudi Arabian Quartz Resources

SGS-OF-2013-5 Mesfer A. Al Malki, Abdulaziz H. Az Zahrani, and Yasir A. Assaidi
150.00 ريال

The Provenance of Proterozoic Sediments of the Midyan Terrane, Saudi Arabia from U-Pb Zircon SIMS Ages

SGS-OF-2013-2 Victoria Pease, Khalid Kadi, Martin Whitehouse, and Wieslaw Kozdroj
150.00 ريال

Update of Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines for Mining Activities in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2013-4 Mohammed Almadani, Abdulrahman Alhawi, Osama Alshaik, Mohammed Aldabbagh, and Rakan Abdulwahed
150.00 ريال