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Ground Fissures in Al Aziziah, South of Al Kharj Province, Riyadh Region

SGS-DF-2012-16 Yasser Zabrmawi, Hasan Al Harbi, and Ahmed M. Yousef
250.00 ريال

Hydrologic Report in the Site of Al Bir Charity Building in Yalamlam, Makkah Region

SGS-DF-2012-11 Ahmed M. Yousif, Saleh A. Sefry, and Nasir Saadi
250.00 ريال

Hydrologic Study on the Plot Donated by the Ministry of Defense to KAUST for the Construction of a New Building

SGS-DF-2012-13 Emad Y. Abualfadhael and Mohammed M. Alamri
250.00 ريال

Hydrological Report on the Design of Wadi Gulail Canal, South of Jeddah

SGS-DF-2012-14 Ahmed M. Yousif and Saleh A. Sefry
250.00 ريال

Land Fissures in Al Jabha, North of Umm Al Jaflan, Wadi Dawasir, Riyad Area

SGS-DF-2012-9 Yasser Zabrmawi and Ahmed M. Yousif
250.00 ريال

Land Subsidence in Hijrat Al-Mihwaz, Ramah Province, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-DF-2012-3 Yasser Zabrmawi, Saeed A. Al-Zahrani, and Ahmed M. Yousef
250.00 ريال