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Preliminary Report on a Vertebrate Paleontological Investigation of the Middle Triassic Jilh Formation, Central Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2007-2 Thomas H. Rich, Benjamin P. Kear, Mohammed A. Halawani, Mohammed A. Ali, Yahya A. Al-Mufarrih, Adel H. Matiri, and Abdo M. Masary
250.00 ريال

Selected Prospects in the Arabian Shield: Comments on Geology and Geochemistry, and Recommendations for Further Work

SGS-OF-2007-1 Mohammed A. Sahl and SGS Metallic Minerals Team
200.00 ريال

SHRIMP Geochronology in the Arabian Shield Part III: Data Acquisition 2006

SGS-OF-2007-9 Allen Kennedy, Wieslaw Kozdroj, Peter R. Johnson, and Fayek H. Kattan
200.00 ريال

Study of the Properties of Mineral Materials Used in Paints in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2007-8 Mansour Al Ahmadi, Mohammed M. Ad-Dabbagh, Abdulrahman Al-Hawi, Ali Al-Fear, and Osama Al Shaikh
50.00 ريال