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A Preliminary Report on the Land Fissures at Sarrah Village Farms, Al-Namas Province

SGS-OF-2009-10 Mohammed M. Al-Khateri and Faisal A. Al-Amari
250.00 ريال

A Preliminary Report on the Landslide in Markaz Safah, West of Thar Province, Najran Area

SGS-OF-2009-9 Hussam Khiyami, Yasser Zabrmawi, and Ala'a Ba’hamil
250.00 ريال

A Report About the Fissures in Al-Ja’alan and Al-Aqra’a, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2009-11 Hasan M. Al-Harbi and Bassim K. Al-Zahiri
250.00 ريال

Aeromagnetic-Anomaly Maps of Central and Western Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2002-8 Hani M. Zahran, Ian C.F. Stewart, Peter R. Johnson, and Mabrouk H. Basahel
250.00 ريال

Analysis and Assessment of the Metallic-Mineral Potential of Selected Regions of the Arabian Shield

SGS-OF-2012-2 Zaben Al Ghaidani, Ahmed H. Sarhan, Tariq M. Foraty, Ghazi A. Kattu, and Alim Siddiqui
250.00 ريال