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Case Study on the Use of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum

SGS-OF-2014-7 Yasser A. Al Saedi, Ali M., Al Fear, Ahmed, J. Al Turki, Abdullah M. Al Qahtani, Mohammed M. Al Dabbagh, Hisham I. Hashem
250.00 ريال

Detailed Exploration and Assessment of the Jabal al-Khawar East Gold Prospect

SGS-OF-2013-1 Eyad Jennadi, Zaben Al Harbi, and Islam Dourgham, with the collaboration of Alim A. Siddiqui
250.00 ريال

Development and Management of the Saudi Geological Survey Website, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2004-10 Andrew S. Howard and Andrew A. McKenzie
250.00 ريال

Directory of Mining Cost and Services in Saudi Arabia for 2013

SGS-OF-2014-3 Omar M. Al-Baik, Abdullah M. Al-Qahtani, Khalid K. Al-Kattan, Osama Al-Shaikh, Ali M. Alfear, Mohammed M. Al-Dabbagh, Khalid O. Al-Gaidy, Khalid L. Tabbah, Ahmad A. Al-Harbi, and Rakan A. Abdulwahed
250.00 ريال

Directory of Mining Cost and Services in Saudi Arabia: An Update of General Infrastructure, Engineering, and Economic Data Relating to Mining Development in Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2009-18 Mohammed M. Al-Dabbagh, Abdulrahman M. Bashkail, Abdulrahman A. Al-Hawi, Osama A. Al-Shaikh, Khalid Kurdi Al-Kattan, Ali M. Al-Fe’ar, Nader S. Eskander, Khalid O. Al-Gaidy, Abdullah A. Zagan, Abubaker M. Bayashoot, Khalid L. Tabbah, and Mohammed Madani (Compilers)
250.00 ريال