Directory of Mining Cost and Services in Saudi Arabia: An Update of General Infrastructure, Engineering, and Economic Data Relating to Mining Development in Saudi Arabia

SGS-OF-2009-18 Mohammed M. Al-Dabbagh, Abdulrahman M. Bashkail, Abdulrahman A. Al-Hawi, Osama A. Al-Shaikh, Khalid Kurdi Al-Kattan, Ali M. Al-Fe’ar, Nader S. Eskander, Khalid O. Al-Gaidy, Abdullah A. Zagan, Abubaker M. Bayashoot, Khalid L. Tabbah, and Mohammed Madani (Compilers)
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This Fact Book is a compendium of basic information on infrastructure and engineering related to mining industrial development in the Kingdom; it is updated from the Directory of Mining Cost Services report SGS-DF-2003-6 of 2004 and includes related economic data that required preparing prefeasibility or feasibility studies for mining projects.  This updated database covers the following subjects:
1- Evaluation of the present situation, which evaluates the current position, the achievements of the last Five-Year Development Plan 1425-1429 AH. Including the development of infrastructure in the Kingdom.
2- Capital Costs, which provides information about the types and prices of mining equipment and instruments, contracts and technical studies.
3- Operating Costs, which provides information about the cost of manpower incentives, transportation and telecommunication, tariffs for electricity and water, blasting and mining facilities.
4- Laws Relating To Mining Investment, which discusses the Mining Code, taxation, the General Investment Code and the General Law on the Environment.


Al-Dabbagh, M.M., Bashkail, A.M., Al-Shaikh, O.A., Al-Kattan K.K., Al Malki, M.A., Al-Fe’ar, A.M., Al-Hawi, A.A., Eskander, N.S., Al-Gaidy, K.O., Zagan, A.A., Bayashoot, A.M., Tabbah, K.L., Madani, M., (compilers), 2009, Directory of Mining Cost and Services in Saudi Arabia:  Saudi Geological Survey Open-File Report SGS-OF-2009-18, 127 p.