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Magnetite at Masliah, Jazan Area

SGS-OF-2009-12 Naser S. Jahdli
250.00 ريال

The Al-Jauf Al-Gharbi Area in Madinah Damaged by Leaking Water

SGS-OF-2009-13 Wael A. Bardi and Ayman M. Ba-mufleh
250.00 ريال

The Engineering Geology for the Mitigation of Disaster, According to the Conditions of Rehabilitating and Building the Jazan Town

SGS-OF-2009-17 Mohammed F. Ba’amir, Hasan M. Al-Harbi, and Turki E. Al-Sehly
250.00 ريال

The Hydrogeologic and Hydrochemical Maps of the Aban al Ahmar Quadrangle, KSA

SGS-OF-2009-20 Abdulrahman M. Al Zahrani, Hassan H. Shorbaji Wail A. Bardi, Adel A. Ashgar, Hassan A. Al Heiri, Mazen Abu Abdullah, and Majed A. Al Hakami
250.00 ريال

The Mineral Statistics Yearbook 2008: Statistical Data for 2007

SGS-OF-2009-19 Khaled O. Al Gadi, Khaled H. Alfi, Abdullah A. Zagan, and Abdullah M. Qahtani
250.00 ريال

Visit to the Jordanian Phosphate Company, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan During 7-12/10/1430H

SGS-OF-2009-14 Hattan F. Badawi and Osama A. Al-Shaik
250.00 ريال